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For so many Disney theme park guests, interacting with characters is at the top of the priority list. And it’s not hard to see why! A hug from Mickey Mouse, a curtsy from Cinderella, or a few bounces with Tigger can make for some of the most memorable experiences that you and your children will take away from your vacation.

But are you concerned about HOW exactly to track down your favorite mouse, princess or super villain? If character meet and greets are a must do for your next trip, follow these simple guidelines to get the most out of your one-on-one time with the biggest names in Disney!


1. Make use of the character handler! Every meet and greet character is assisted by a “character handler,” a cast member who can assist in so many ways. These pros will likely remind you to offer your autograph book to the character you’re meeting, can direct you where to put your bag down, and they have even been known to snap a photo or two. Best of all, they’re there to cut down on confusion, and will make sure guests greet the characters in an orderly fashion and everyone gets a turn. No pushing required!

2. Have your pen and paper ready. If you’re hoping for autographs, make sure you have a good pen on hand. Many of the characters have larger than life hands (or paws) and a thick, sturdy pen works best for their grip. If you can have your autograph book open to an empty page when you hand it to them, things will go super smoothly!

3. On the topic of autographs, maybe consider getting creative. You’ll find many wonderful autograph books for sale at the parks, but it can also be fun to have your favorite characters sign something unique. I’ve seen characters autograph hats, t-shirts, and tote bags. It can make such a unique keepsake! Or, maybe consider making your own autograph book prior to your trip. It can be a great DIY craft for the kids.

4. For a laid back, super special experience, consider booking a character dining meal. At these dining experiences, you enjoy a breakfast, lunch or dinner as some of your favorite Disney characters stroll around the restaurant, greeting diners at their tables. These dining experiences can be found at all four theme parks at Walt Disney World as well as at Disneyland, and at select resorts. They can also be some of the more popular dining reservations, so talk to your travel planner to make a plan of attack on getting your table booked.

5. Speaking of planning, putting in some time to find out where your favorite characters are located can save you work in the parks. Whether you’re looking for Elsa and Olaf or a certain wicked queen, there’s a strong chance your Friend Like Me Travel Co planner knows where to find them. Don’t be afraid to ask, we love helping our clients make these magic moments happen!

6. Finally, consider using Genie+ to make reservation times to meet with some of your favorite characters. Genie+ character meets are currently available at several of the parks, and utilizing this strategy can be a great way to get in and out quickly when lines get long. And if you’re feeling confused about Genie+ strategies, again, just ask your Genie!

Character meets have been some of my favorite Disney moments over the years, and are a super important part of so many guests’ travel experience. Taking time to work in these special interactions can be the cherry on top of an already magical day!

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