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Want to know what one of my personal favorite things to do for a Walt Disney World Vacation that completely enhances my experience? TAKING GRANDPARENTS (or aunts, or uncles, or anyone who loves your kids as much as you do)!

I’ll admit – the idea of this originally sounded so exhausting to me, but it turns out this is one of my favorite ways to experience Walt Disney World, and here’s why!

You have a built-in babysitter.
There are so many things for adults to see and do at this massive resort, and you may want some adult-only time without the kiddos. This could be for a date night, a spa treatment, or even just to get away in the middle of a park day to ride a roller coaster! 

Grandparents love spending extra one-on-one time with your kids, and your kids will create amazing core memories with some of the most important people in their lives – all while you get away for a little kid-free time!

You have extra helping hands.
Walt Disney World can be exhausting – and the same goes for your little ones. There will likely be some tantrums, some accidents, and maybe even some tears. This is where Grandparents can be a wonderful asset. I know that my mom or mother-in-law can get my child to stop crying or screaming with just a simple joke. Now if I tried the same thing, there’s no way it would work! It’s so nice having those extra hands around to help when things aren’t going right, and that is something that ANYONE with children can benefit from.

Core Memories.
Not only will your child create core memories while at Disney World, but so will you and anyone else who is in your travel party. Something we never want to think about is when our parents will no longer be around, but it’s inevitable that one day they will no longer be with us. The memories that can be made on a trip to Walt Disney World are unlike any other. The sparkle in your child’s eyes will be something that you will never forget, and their ride on Dumbo with Grandpa is something that they will remember long after he’s gone.

On your next trip, consider taking along someone special to experience the magic with you and your kids. I promise you won’t regret it!

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