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When should I visit Walt Disney World? It is probably the most common question we get here at Friend Like Me Travel Co. The truth is, there’s no right answer! Yes there are times of the year when the crowds, historically, are low, but even those are not a sure bet.

The question you should be asking instead of when should I go, is When do I want to go to Walt Disney World? The reality is there are plusses and minuses to every season. Summers are hot, but so is Spring (and Fall and Winter). Summer is busy during Summer Break but so is Spring during Spring Break, and Fall during Fall Break, and Winter during Winter Break. Are you sensing a pattern here? 


The real questions you need to be asking are:

Is there an Epcot Festival that is a must do for me? If yes, work with a travel agent to pick the trip dates that work for you during that festival.

Is there a party or after hours event that is a must do for me? If yes, a travel agent can help you plan around party dates, and secure your tickets for you.

Is the chance of the lowest crowds important to me? If yes, a travel agent can help you decide what dates may give you the best chance of lowest crowds (but we’re not magicians, we cannot guarantee low crowds).

Is there a special even within my family that we want to plan around? If yes, let your travel agent know what date is important and what the event is so we can note it on your reservation.

Walt Disney World is a magical vacation any time of year (yes even with the heat and the crowds). The best way to ensure you have the trip of your dreams isn’t worrying about when should you go, it’s going when you want to go. 

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