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I know you may be thinking that taking your toddlers to a huge & possibly crowded theme park is just calling for chaos and a headache. But what if I told you that taking your littles at this age is actually one of the BEST times to enjoy Walt Disney World and its magic?

Walt Disney World made sure to think about everyone, especially families! Did you know there are baby care centers in every theme park? These care centers are not your typical changing rooms. They are actually very large and themed to Disney! They have all the products you could possibly need for your littles such as bottles, food, formula, sitting areas with a tv playing your favorite shows and private nursing areas. This is also a nice area to decompress after a few hours in the heat.

When I took my then 3 and 1 year old, we not only took advantage of these baby care centers but we also really loved the rider switch option we were able to utilize on the rides our kiddos couldn’t ride. Rider switch is a great tool to use when at the parks with your littles and its super easy to use! If you and your significant other would like to ride a certain attraction and the kiddos are not tall enough to ride or simply don’t wish to participate in, find the cast member that is in front of that attraction and let them know you would like to do rider switch. They will then ask who will be riding the attraction first and will want to scan the person who will be waiting with the kiddos park ticket that is in your My Disney Experience App. The person who is riding the ride first will wait in the regular line ( unless you have a genie pass for it ) while the other person who decided to wait with the kiddos has received a genie + fast pass waiting for them once you guys “switch”. I really like that they give the person who is waiting first an automatic fast pass, that way you don’t have to wait in the regular line again.

We only did this for a few select rides since most of Walt Disney World’s attractions are for all ages! You would be surprised at how many rides my 1 yr old was able to go on with us. Especially at Magic Kingdom!

We always bring stroller fans with us when visiting the parks so it can keep our kids cool during the hot summer days. Our boys took naps in the stroller and while they did so, this is when me and my husband took some time for ourselves and got some adult beverages and just took a breather. We all a had a really great time and wish we could relive that vacation again and again.

Also, seeing the characters at a young age makes visiting Walt Disney World so much more magical! They are so imaginative and seeing my boys reaction when they got to meet Mickey was the BEST part about our entire trip! I will forever cherish that moment.

Still think taking your littles is a bad idea?  I didn’t think so!

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