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Are you considering traveling to Walt Disney World during summer but are hesitant because of the heat?

Did you find a fantastic deal on a vacation package but worry that your family will literally melt in Magic Kingdom?

I will share my tips for staying cool and taking advantage of those summer deals for your next Walt Disney World Vacation.

1. Pack Accordingly:

You want to ensure you have everything you need to keep you and your family as cool as possible. I recommend you pack the following things in your park bag:

  • Cooling towels
  • Portable fans / Misting fans
  • Portable chargers so you can recharge those fan batteries
  • A change of clothes for little ones and maybe a lightweight tank/tee for each adult
  • A small stick of deodorant or body glide
  • Reusable / Collapsable Water Bottle
  • Sun Protective Hats

Cooling towels are lightweight and easy to pack in your park bag. They can be an absolute lifesaver! Just get them wet, and they become icy cold. You’ll also want to have some zip-lock bags handy, so you can have a place to store them afterward. Portable fans keep that breeze blasting directly at you. I buy fans with straps for my little ones so they can wear them around their necks, and I never have to worry about losing fans. A change of clothes for little ones is a must any time of year, but let’s face it, kids get sweaty, ice cream melts faster, and sometimes you need to change out of extra sweaty tops for comfort. The same goes for Mom & Dad. Deodorant and body glide so you can freshen up as needed and prevent terrible chafing rashes. STAY HYDRATED! Disney has locations throughout the parks that will give you FREE ice water. The downside is they usually serve the water in small cups, and when you are trying to stay hydrated under the hot sun, it’s just not enough. I typically pour two or three cups into a collapsable bottle, which lasts a little longer without making several stops for water.

2. Rope drop and take a mid-day break.

Arrive at the park’s opening with a plan, for example: Make a list of the attractions you must do and start with the rides with outdoor queues first thing in the morning. Temperatures will only get hotter as the day goes on. So, if you are visiting Magic Kingdom, save rides such as Mickey’s Philharmagic (indoor) for later and ride things like Big Thunder Mountain (outdoor) first.

*Remember, staying on Disney Property allows you early entry into the park.*

By 1:00 pm, it’s time to take a mid-day break. Return to your hotel/resort and relax. Eat some lunch and go to the pool for a swim. For little ones, this is a great time to nap or relax in the AC of your hotel room. Return to the parks during the evening hours.

If you prefer to stay in the parks, make dining reservations mid-day, allowing everyone to sit in an air-conditioned room off their feet and out of the sun for an hour or two.

Another tip I like to share for any time of day is to stop inside the air-conditioned shopping area as often as you need for some AC and a water break and then continue to your next destination.

3. Water Play Areas, Wet Rides & Water Parks:

There are several areas in the parks with Splash Pads / Wet Areas for little ones to enjoy. Our family favorite is Casey Jr. Splash N’ Soak Station, located in Magic Kingdom in the Storybook Circus area of Fantasyland. You can pack some swimwear, but I usually just slip some water shoes on my kids and let them run around and play to their heart’s content. Adults can also play in the splash pad area! (The change of clothes will come in handy after this!) Why not, right? You are in Disney, after all.

You will also find some cool misting stations as you tour the parks, allowing you to cool down between stops.

So, don’t let the hot Florida sun keep you from visiting. Plan well, stay hydrated, and follow these tips!

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