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I know that the idea of booking a last-minute vacation can be very intimidating. Instead of looking at a deposit and months and months to pay off your trip, you often have to pay the whole vacation in full at the time of booking. You have to make last-minute arrangements for pets, plants, and children (if they’re not coming with). You have to worry about your paid time off request getting denied because it’s late in the game. You have to worry about flight prices or other travel plans. It’s a lot.

Here’s why you should do it:

Que Sera Sera, Whatever Will Be, Will Be- When you book last-minute travel whether it be Walt Disney World, a cruise, or an all-inclusive you lose the ability to overschedule every minute of your day. Dining reservations may be hard to come by, excursions may be sold out, but you’ll still be on vacation. By booking last minute, you force yourself to slow down instead of scheduling every second months in advance.

Last Minute Booking Deals- This one holds especially true for cruising. Once the final payment date of the cruise you’re looking at passes, cruise lines will often slash prices just to ensure a full ship. They may not be the most desirable rooms but any room on a ship is a good room. The same goes for flights, airlines will sometimes offer travel deals just to make sure they’re flying a full plane.

The Pure Giddiness of It- Booking a last-minute vacation is the ultimate adult form of playing hooky. There is nothing more innocent than using your own time off, but also it somehow feels like you’re getting away with something because you didn’t give your employer months and months notice that you would be unavailable. There truly is a thrill to walk into work and say “I booked my next vacation” and when asked when you go, responding with “Next Wednesday”.

The best way to ensure your last-minute vacation is a great one is to use a travel agent. We scour the deals and do our best to make sure that your last-minute vacation is everything you hoped and dreamed of (even if you couldn’t get that dining reservation). If you’re ready to book, last minute or a year in advance, fill out the quote request form linked here.

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