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Genie+ Attractions in Walt Disney World

Love it or hate it Genie+, Disney’s paid replacement for the old FastPass system is here to stay. With variable pricing anywhere from $15 per person/per day all the way up to $35 per person/per day, it begs the question is Genie+ worth it? A lot of people say yes, it allows them to ride the “E-TIcket” rides without having to wait in 60 minute plus lines; on the flip side a lot of people will say no because these major attractions often run out of passes or the call back times are very late in the day by 10AM. When the latter happens, how to you use Genie+ to the best of your ability? Here’s some tips I have found work for me and my family:

Use Genie+ to Reserve Show Times- From Finding Nemo to For the First Time In Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Experience, Genie+ can be utilized to reserve your showtimes throughout all fours parks. While shows may not be the first thing you think of when you think of waiting in line, these shows 

often reach capacity, so having your seats reserved spares you the hassle of waiting in line only to have it cut off right before your party.

Use Genie+ for Character Meet and Greets- At the parks you can use Genie+ to reserve a Lightening Lane to meet your favorite Characters. I love meeting characters, I hate waiting in line to do it, so this is always a top recommendation of mine! Genie+ can be used to meet Olaf in Hollywood Studios, Mickey and Minnie in their adventurer gear at Animal Kingdom, the princesses in Magic Kingdom and more!

Use Genie+ for rides with “nuisance lines”- This may take a bit of explaining on my part, what I consider “nuisance lines” are lines that are anywhere from 15-45 minutes; they’re not quite long enough to walk away from but does anyone really want to wait that full 20 minutes to ride It’s a Small World? I sure don’t, so I’ll use Genie+ to be able to walk right on. This means my kids are more likely to stand in line for things like Prince Charming’s Carousel that we can’t get a Lightening Lane for or for Peter Pan’s Flight, since I’m never awake to get a Lightening Lane for that before they sell out.

Use Genie+ on Your Park Hopping Days- If you have a Park Hopper ticket did you know Genie+ park hops with you? This is a great way to get more “bang for your buck” when using the service. For my family we like to buy it for Hollywood Studios since there’s only a handful of rides my kids are tall enough for there, catch a few shows, then hop to Magic Kingdom and see how many other rides we can get on! It’s a great way to feel that we truly used the service to the best of our ability.

No matter how you use it Genie+ can be a fun addition to your days at Walt Disney World or Disneyland Resort!

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