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Do you love the fireworks at the Disney parks? If you’re anything like me, then it is a highlight of your vacation! I love making time for the evening nighttime spectaculars, and firmly believe they are the perfect way to cap off an enchanting Disney day. If you’re looking to include fireworks viewing for your trip itinerary, I’ve gathered my top ways to take in these shows.

1. Right up front. For many, nothing beats a front-row seat to the show, and watching fireworks right at the hub of Magic Kingdom or Disneyland Park is going to be the best option. Being up close means you will get full viewing of any castle projections, and a great spot to see if any fairies happen to fly down from the top spire of the castle. It’s an electric atmosphere, and if you don’t mind standing close with the crowd, this could be a great option for you!

2. Consider a dessert party. Dessert parties are a fantastic way to get priority viewing for fireworks at the parks where it’s offered. Typically, you pay a hard ticket price and reserve a timed entrance to enjoy desserts and drinks, either before, during, or after the show. This way you get to relax and unwind, enjoying some treats and knowing that you will have a spot for the fireworks without having to line up super early.

3. From a restaurant. Some of my favorite fireworks viewing experiences have taken place while eating dinner. It’s a perfect way to ensure you have a comfortable seat, and so many of the Disney parks restaurants with fireworks views also pipe in the music, so you lose nothing from the show. A few of my personal favorite spots are California Grill at the Contemporary Resort and Hacienda de San Angel at Epcot. Even better if you can time it so your dessert comes just in time for the show!

4. From your hotel. Several of the Disney resorts have prime fireworks viewing spots, and if this is the case for you, I highly encourage you to take advantage! Many of the hotels have restaurants with fireworks viewing, like Ohana at the Polynesian Resort, and many also have viewing areas outside of restaurants with great views of the show, like the Yacht and Beach Club. And it is even possible to watch fireworks from some balconies at these hotels. I have many fond memories of snuggling up with my family for a magical fireworks show from our room after a long day at the parks!

5. From a pool! If you are staying at a hotel with fireworks viewing, it may even be possible to watch the show while swimming. In particular, the Grand Floridian Resort and Polynesian Resort are fantastic for this.

6. Try out a ride. You may not realize, but the outdoor rides continue running during the fireworks. This often means shorter waits, and if you get your time just right, you could find yourself soaring over a peak on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad with glittering fireworks lighting up the sky above you. It is super magical!

7. Try going off the beaten path. If you are seeking privacy or something different, you might try watching the fireworks from a less traditional spot. Position yourself behind the castle, or in a secluded spot to the side. You may miss some of the up-close details, but you’ll gain a more private viewing area that brings its own kind of magic.

Did I get to your own favorite way to watch fireworks? The wonderful thing about a Disney parks vacation is that everything can be customized to fit your tastes, there’s no one size fits all attitude. However you like to take in the show, I hope your fireworks viewing truly lights you up inside!

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