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In today’s Texas mindset of bigger is better, we’re seeing truly massive cruise ships come to life. In 2022, Royal Caribbean introduced the world’s largest cruise ship, The Wonder of the Seas which is quickly being followed in 2024 with a completely new class of mega-ships starting with the Icon of the Seas. They also have another mega ship in construction, the Utopia of the Seas that we are expecting more information about soon!

Mega-ships offer an incredible amount to do for every family. From relaxing spas to family activities, all generations will enjoy their time aboard. However, if you’re looking to get more from your cruise than a visit to a private island or if you need more options of departure ports, these ships may not be for you.

Smaller ships offer a more intimate cruise experience. While they may not offer 6 waterslides on board, you’ll still find pools and splash areas for little cruisers. They may have fewer entertainment offerings, but you’ll find the venues are cozier, without a bad seat in the house.

As eco tourism booms, island nations and some European destinations have taken to banning larger cruise ships. In French Polynesia for example, certain ports are restricted to ships that carry less than 3,600 passengers, others will only accommodate ships that carry less than 1,200! This is for a few reasons, the larger ships are more damaging to the ecosystem, the infrastructure is only made to accommodate smaller ships, and the destination itself cannot safely handle the influx of people. Cruising smaller ships gives you departure port flexibility as well. Ports such as Bayonne, Baltimore, Los Angelos, and beyond are hindered by existing structures or facilities that are simply too small to handle a mega-ship worth of people.

Either way you choose to cruise you’re going to have a great time. Food, drink, and activities are endless on any size vessel. If you’re ready to take your next cruise let us know! You can be matched with a genie that will make cruise planning a breeze.

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