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On my most recent trip to Walt Disney World not only was I lucky enough to attend an Agent Education Program to better serve my clients but I had the privilege of doing so with Isis, one of my best friends at Friend Like Me Travel Co. In our trip preparation, we decided we were going to have some fun with our outfits for our full park day and started kicking around different characters we could “bound” as.

I had a bright orange tank top from my Taylor Swift concert outfit (hello 2016 Grammys) that I just knew was perfect to use for a Goofy Disney Bound. So I ordered a blue skirt and a green hat. Isis ordered a matching outfit but in purple and red to go as Goofy’s son, Max. 

We chose to start our day in Epcot since that’s my favorite place to meet characters! Walking in through the International Gateway Entrance we saw Daisy! She knew who we were immediately. Later we found Pluto near the Mexico Pavilion, he was so excited to see us! We also saw Mulan in the China Pavilion. It was so fun to meet and interact with characters when they knew exactly who we were supposed to be.

We used my Disney Visa card to get into the cardmember exclusive meet and greet back by the Imagination Pavilion. I do this meet and greet almost every trip and every time I do it’s Mickey Mouse and Goofy. We stood in line, and it was finally our turn, we came around the corner to see…Pluto (again) and Minnie Mouse! I was so disappointed but they loved our outfits and it was truly one of the best character experiences of the day.

As we finished out our time at Epcot and I knew I only had one more chance to meet Goofy before the day was done. We came around Spaceship Earth and there he was! I was so happy to have finally found him! We took our pictures and left Epcot with a full heart.

As two adults traveling in Walt Disney World without any kids, meeting characters is fun but can also feel awkward. “Bounding” as an easily recognizable character makes the interactions feel less forced, and a lot more fun. The characters and the character attendants love having something to chat to you about, and the first thing we notice about people is often their outfits. I loved that our outfits worked together and there are so many character pairs that you can do. Mickey and Minnie, Donald and Daisy, Pooh and Piglet, Jacques and Gus Gus, the options are literally endless.

Do you like to Disney Bound at the parks? Do you do it with your friends/family or just solo bounds? Let me know in the comments!

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