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Want to know a secret? It’s actually kind of shameful. As someone who prides themselves on being a Disney Adult™ … I don’t like Mickey ear headbands. While I have on occasion borrowed my kids’ pairs (ordered from Amazon) for a picture…I do not own a single pair myself, and no one in my family owns a Disney Parks pair. 

I think this is an important conversation to have. While Mickey ears have always been a part of the Disney going aesthetic, in the age of social media it seems like it’s a requirement to have a pair to match every outfit, but the reality is that it’s not. I think that social media has changed how we pack for our vacations in both good and bad ways. Personally, I love wearing my best clothes on vacations; you’ll rarely see me in the parks without a cute dress or a Disney-inspired outfit, but social media has made us believe that we have to do these things, when in reality my outfits are the exception, not the rule.

It’s okay to pack for vacation with the items you have, you do not need to have the perfect dress or outfit and accessories for every day of your vacation if it’s not something that brings you joy. If you’d rather dress for comfort and utility you should! 

Personally, I don’t find Mickey ear headbands to be comfortable, I’d much rather throw on a ball cap! 

In addition to not owning any pairs of Mickey Ears, I don’t own a single Lounge Fly backpack. I bring 2 bags with me on vacation, a big backpack for park days, and a smaller bag for the evenings when I don’t need to carry as much stuff. The idea that you have to have a different bag for every outfit makes packing seem so intimidating. 

That being said, if you enjoy these things do them! Wear your dresses and ears, and bring a bag to match every outfit! You do you! The best part is that it doesn’t have to be cost-prohibitive. Between Amazon, Poshmark, Mercari, and thrifting you can find gently loved Disney items for less than you could in the past. Have extra time on your vacation, hop over to the Disney outlet on your arrival day to see what you can find for the parks.

Packing for a vacation should not be stressful. If you want tips and tricks for packing for your trip make sure to book with one of our magical Genies who can provide personalized vacation planning services!

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