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It must be good since it is so popular, but so many people are nervous about…the Pickle Dog!

You can find the Pickle Dog at Blue Ribbon Corn Dogs in Downtown Disney. (Close to the LEGO store) For $14.50, you can get a hot dog, wrapped in a pickle fried in Cornmeal batter, and Panko crusted served with a bag of chips and peanut butter for dipping.

First, I tried the pickle dog just like it comes. It’s exactly what you expect. A lot of flavors all at once, but it wasn’t bad! The flavors put together make for a savory with a hint of sour snack. I’m not a peanut butter fan, (I KNOW), but my son is. He sure did dip it in the peanut butter and tried it. He also said it wasn’t bad and added even more flavor! At the end of the day, I wouldn’t order it again if I were by myself, but I would gladly share it with someone who is daring enough to try it!

If you or someone in your travel party is an adventurous eater, I would highly recommend it!

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