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Know Before You Go

We know – you’ve got questions.  While we can’t answer them all, here are the answers to some of the most common questions that we CAN answer!

What should be packed in our bags for the training sessions?
You won’t need to bring much from home!  Really just your laptop and charger/whatever you need to work on the go!  Of course there will be other things too, but you’ll learn more at AEP on that front 😉
What the heck does “picture-ready” mean? 

It’s vague because it means different things to different people!  For me (Abby), I’m perfectly content getting pictures in a t-shirt and bike shorts.  For Caitlyn, she wears dresses.  Hunter puts together full ensembles.  The most important thing is that YOU feel comfortable and walk away from AEP with more content to use on social media!

What time are we getting started every day?  

Lucky for you all, Allison and I are not early risers 😂  Classroom days start at 9 am and the only thing earlier than that is breakfast at Ale and Compass on Monday, which has reservation times starting between 7:30 and 8:00 am – you will be assigned your exact time and table later in the process.

How often can I expect to eat?  Do I need to bring snacks so that I don’t get hangry? 

Prepare to come to the classroom each morning having had breakfast and with your coffee in-hand!  We will be jumping right into instruction.  We will take a mid-morning break between 15 and 30 minutes long for you to grab a snack or drink and use the bathroom.  You will have between 60 and 90 minutes for lunch on classroom days around noon.  Then, we will give you about an hour to get ready to leave before we head out for excursions or dinner groups. There will be plenty of time for snacking!  Feel free to bring some snacks to munch on during class or your breaks ☺️

Are there evening plans outside of the dinner groups slated on the itinerary? After dinner, what is the usual routine?

Genies, you will have one free evening – Monday!  After Typhoon Lagoon, you are free to do whatever you would like.  For those interested, Hunter, Caitlyn, and I will be heading to Jellyrolls at 7 pm (when it opens) so that we can get tables down in front!  Anyone is welcome to join.  On Sunday and Tuesday, you can expect to be with us until at least 9 pm, and 8 pm on Saturday.  Management will likely be in Stormalong Bay or at the Ale & Compass Lounge most nights!

Adventures with AW – Allison can give you a better idea on your plans for Monday and Tuesday night!