Here at Friend Like Me Travel Co., we know that planning your family’s Disney vacation can be overwhelming and intimidating.  Choosing the best hotel for your family, arranging park itineraries, booking dining and Fastpass reservations, and ensuring you don’t miss out on anything can easily go awry as you become overwhelmed with all of the things that need to be done to plan your vacation.  This can cause your family’s perfect trip to become one where everyone feels stressed out and overstimulated.

It shouldn’t be this way.

When our Genies plan vacations for our guests, families feel excited and at ease as we help them navigate the planning process.  We provide a wide range of services including itinerary planning, promotion monitoring, up-to-date information regarding changes in the parks, and support before, during, and after your trip.  This allows you to sit back, relax, and enjoy your trip while we put together the vacation package and itinerary that is completely customized to your family’s wants and needs, ensuring you can experience all of the magic that our featured destinations have to offer.  

Below, you can learn about our incredible team.  No matter which Genie you choose, rest assured you’re in great hands.  All of our Genies are carefully selected from a sea of applicants, taken through a rigorous interview process, then extensively trained to ensure they provide immaculate service to our guests.  To learn more about a Genie, click on their photo- this will take you to their Facebook page and allow you to explore their tips, tricks, and more!



Megan Dew

Abby Kragh


The Chaos Coordinators is our management team that help Abby and Megan with both the day-to-day operations of the company! 
These amazing ladies also work extraordinarily hard to assist their clients plan their dream vacations!

Justine Jovanovski

Brooke Miller

Rachel Friedman

Kelle Rhodes


We have a wonderful team of Genies that is always ready to jump in and help you plan your next vacation!  No matter which one you choose, they have gone through a rigorous
training experience that takes their personal travel knowledge to another level.  If you need help selecting a Genie, we would be happy to match you with the right one.
You can fill out a quote request form here on our website or email us at!

Cierra Wilson

Ashleigh Anderson

Kayleigh Worster

Alexandria Abitz

Holly Armentor

Kacyn Morris Jackson

Abby Hogan

Mary Kate Gallo

Amanda Wampler

Jenn Doyle

Amanda Fort

Kathie Lucero

Kendra Beers

Allisia Cornett

Sarah Clarke

Annamae Morris

Morgan Wilson

Jeanne Morris

Daphne Hosford

Amanda Kiebler

Molly Scott

Jill Hopkins

Rory Jain

Corie Hernandez

Amber Didden

Heather Goode

Brooke Reid

Heather Willis

Lindsay Corn

Chelsea Karr

Caitlyn Aborn

Angela Jennings

Michelle Nichols

Brittany Charles

Nichole Rosenthal

Jennifer McCrohan

Janene Creer

Sarah Kolo

Erica Lombardi

Bella Raspanti

Hunter Keeling

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