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the Genies

We have a wonderful team of Genies that is always ready to jump in and help you plan your next vacation!  No matter which one you choose, they have gone through a rigorous training experience that takes their personal travel knowledge to another level.  If you need help selecting a Genie, we would be happy to match you with the right one.

Management Team

Abby Kragh


Caitlyn Aborn

Operations Manager

Emalie Shaffer

Social Media Manager

Lead Agents

Cierra Wilson

Stacey Franklin

The Genies

Autumn Sirmeyer

Mallory Duncan

Mackenzie Teague

Amanda Mire

Ellen Quicksell

Sincy Chambers

Britni Thompson

Marissa Cropsey

Jenn Doyle

Amanda Wampler

Sarah Kolo

Amy Kragh

Rachel Wadler

Susana Guevara

Robin Fitzpatrick

Allison Waibel

Brianna Brown

Lexi Brooks

Erica Smith

Kaitlin Alderson

Caleb Turik

Kirstyn Dwyer

Christine Bell

Lauren Clifton

Erica Terry

Claudia Meyer

Miranda Smith

Katy Eckenrode

Isis Mescher

Julie Gonzalez

McKenna Ciner

Madison Nowak

Jessica DeMelo

Leigh Ann Scully

Danielle Lock

Itzel Aguiniga

Linda Caicedo

Jenna Scuilli

Tally Lalor

Tara Singleton

Laura Becker

Alyssa Ripley

Ashley Militello

Molly Moretti

Jessica Drake

Jodi Gutierrez

Kylie Combs

Shannon Jadrich

Melody Young

Jessica Pratt

Jordan Corry

Lauren Phelps

Alex Allen

Kimmie Visser

Misty Christy

Kimmie Brayman

Taylee Thomas

Bella Santana

Kristina Kushto

Lauren Miller

Arianna Dixon

Bridget Huffer

Margaret Esrael

Brittany Schmid

Angi Nicholson

Mary Gatison

Mirella Diaz

Rheanna Klunzinger

Sam Davis

Annie Walton

Brittanie McBride

Betzy Loo

Tamer Reyes

Amanda Woodward

Amanda Jaeger

Sara Keller

Rachel Hill

Tasha Clelland

Kelsi Wilkie

Ashley Lamper

Suzanne Shoaf

Stephanie Pohlman

Katie Lindsey

Lindsay Schroeder

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Ready to Plan a Vacation?

Friend Like Me Travel Co. helps busy families just like yours plan the vacations of their dreams and provides services completely tailored to you and your needs.  Click below to get started and one of our Genies will be in touch!