If you’re on this webpage, it means that we are technically not hiring new Genies at this time, but something about you means that we’re willing to consider your application anyway!  

We are so excited that you are considering joining our team! Although each of our agents are independent contractors, we truly believe that the way for each agent to grow their business is to work together. We foster a supportive environment where our agents can turn for advice, resources, and education to help their own businesses thrive.

Here at Friend Like Me Travel Co., LLC, we pride ourselves on offering competitive commission rates that increase based on sales, exclusive training that comes from agents who have already been successful in the industry, discounts on vacations around the world*, the opportunity to work from home (or wherever your travels take you!), and a welcoming environment to grow in!

While we can’t guarantee your success in growing a business, we promise to provide you with opportunities to learn and grow along the way. There is no limit to how many trips you can book, clients you can take on, or how much income you can generate. You will get back from this business what you put into it!

Wondering if you would be a good fit? We are looking for someone who:

  • Is known as “the Disney person” that people go to for advice when planning their trips
  • Has visited a Disney Destination at least 3 times in the last 3 years and is able to commit to at least 2 trips per year going forward
  • Is prepared to hit the ground running with training to get their business up and running quickly
  • Has a social media following or a large network from which to bring in clients

*Discounts become available after you reach certain sales benchmarks, which will be discussed later in the application process!

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