It all started with two girls and a dream…

Friend Like Me Travel Co. was founded to serve one purpose: to help families from around the world make vacations affordable, fun, and easy. We know that planning trips can be overwhelming at times, especially when you are going someplace new or that is always changing. The travel industry is one that will never stay the same- things change each and every day. Most families don’t have time to keep up with all of that- they just want to hop on a plane and show up for an amazing family vacation. That’s why people need travel agents!

When you book a vacation with us, you’re in the very best of hands. Our agents are dedicated to providing exceptional service no matter what the size of your budget or trip. We take care of all of the details- from hotels and excursions to negotiating cheaper rates and fighting for you when things go wrong. Having a travel agent in your corner is your greatest asset, especially when you consider that they don’t cost you a penny more than booking on your own!

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