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the Genies

We have a wonderful team of Genies that is always ready to jump in and help you plan your next vacation!  No matter which one you choose, they have gone through a rigorous training experience that takes their personal travel knowledge to another level.  If you need help selecting a Genie, we would be happy to match you with the right one.

Are you "the Disney person?"

We are so excited that you are considering joining our team!  Although each of our agents is an independent contractor, we truly believe that the best way for each travel planner to grow is to work together.  We foster a supportive environment where our Genies can turn to for advice, resources, and education to help their own business thrive.  You’ll be lead by a leadership team that has been where you are just starting out and has grown beyond what you can probably imagine at this point!  While Disney is our first love, we are looking to expand our brand to include both all-inclusive and cruise line specialists. 

Here at Friend Like Me Travel Co., we pride ourselves on offering competitive commission rates that increase based on sales performance, an exclusive and extensive 12-week program designed to help you get processes in place to grow your business quickly and efficiently, discounts on vacations around the world*, the opportunity to work from home (or wherever your travels take you!), and a welcoming environment to grow in! 

While we can’t guarantee your success in growing a business, we promise to provide you with opportunities to learn along the way.  There is no limit to how many trips you can book, clients you can take on, or how much income you can generate.  It is important to note that this job, while rewarding, is extremely hard and time-consuming work, especially at the beginning!

*Discounts become available after you reach sales benchmarks.

The Right Fit

These are the things we are looking for when considering a new addition to our team:

Extensive travel experience to the destinations you intend to sell (with a minimum of three trips to in the last three years to either Disney destinations, all-inclusive resorts, or cruises depending on which area you plan to specialize in.) 

Commitment to travel at least two times every year while working in the role, once annually with the team

Ability to hit the ground running with an energetic and ambitious desire to get your business up and running quickly

Has experience working with social media platforms and in making content in a program like Canva

Fits in with our company culture and is a positive addition to the environment we work hard to maintain

Embodies our core values and acts in demonstration of them at all times

Interested in
becoming a Genie?

We are currently onboarding a new group of travel planners at Friend Like Me Travel Co.  Now that we have reached a size that is “practically perfect in every way,” we are not accepting new applications. 

If you are interested in being notified when we are accepting applications, please enter your information below.