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Traveling with allergies can be a huge cause for concern, so that is why we are here to help you find destinations that are safe for you! The risk of cross contamination, language barriers, and so much more provides stress and anxiety when choosing where to travel.

As a family who has experience with gluten and nut allergies, I can confidently tell you that Disney Cruise Line is an excellent option!

When booking your cruise, be sure you or your travel agent any allergies on the reservation. This ensures that on embarkation day, your head server and server discuss your allergies with you. Each night your meal will be safely be prepared separately and brought to you. 


While Disney Cruise Line does their best to provide an allergy-friendly environment, here are a few tips to remember when sailing:

  1. Plan ahead – preparing allergy meals takes extra time, especially on the pool deck or in Cabanas/Marceline’s Market

  2. Utilize room service – room service does have a few gluten-free options, including chicken tenders, buffalo wings, salad, and grilled cheese

  3. Order meals in advance – you can order the next days breakfast, lunch, and dinner while at your rotational dining for dinner (this is especially important for Castaway Cay)

  4. Bring your own snacks – Disney Cruise Line allows pre-packaged food on board, and this may save you if you get off the ship in a port other than Castaway where you aren’t familiar with the food offerings

  5. Grab a cup for your ice cream at Eye Scream – they typically only have cones available which are not gluten-free so grab a cup from the drink station to take with you to put the ice cream in

Take a look at just a few of the gluten and nut-free dishes we experienced on our most recent Disney Cruise!

If you’re wanting help navigating a vacation with a food allergy, fill out our quote request form below and select Hunter as your preferred travel planner. If you have booked a Disney cruise within the last 30 days and are finding yourself overwhelmed with information or not knowing where to turn, there is good news! As long as you have not paid in full and booked your reservation within 30 days, you can transfer your booking to an experienced travel agent like me who will guide you every step of the way to help you have a smooth and magical Disney Cruise. 

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